Friday, May 27, 2011

There Is No Security, Like Dog Security

All Dogs provide Security

In all of my previous entries I discuss how you can take care/provide for your dog, however for this entry I will be talking about how your pup can take care of you. I believe that even with all of our technical advances there really isn’t any 100% guarantee for protection in the home or on the street. Police, security systems, even guns aren’t really all that great at prevent an attacker from attacking or neutralizing them when aggression is shown, however a dog, especially certain breeds, can be all the protection you need. For security inside of the home it doesn’t matter wether you have a Chihuahua or a Mastiff any dog will serve as a great alarm system by barking at any potential criminals trying to enter and this will both wake you up and most likely deter the criminal from wanting to continue breaking into your house. Now on the street it is a little different because generally speaking smaller and less ferocious looking dogs will not intimidate potential attacks enough to keep them away, however certain breeds (and any very large dog) will make potential attacks choose another victim.

Breeds That Excel at Security 

There are tons of different lists online of “best security dogs, most intimidating dogs, etc” however I am going to just give a quick overview of the breeds that I think work best for security purposes. Right off the bat I have to say bully breeds are probably the best for intimidating potential attackers and keeping their owners safe, this means pitbulls, bulldogs, and mastiffs. Though there are certainly more dogs that have stronger bites and even better protection instincts than bully breed dogs, the intimidation that bull breeds demand is truly amazing and in my opinion are best for protection because their intimidating demeanor keeps attacks from ever happening in the first place. When considering a dog for protection there has been one breed that stands out above the rest and his been described by many as the Cadillac of security dogs, I am of course talking about the German Shepherd. German Shepherds are universally recognized as police dogs, and have the bark, bite, and instincts to provide some of the best protection any owner could hope for. In addition to bully breeds and German Shepherds nearly any large dog will fulfill the role of a protector against potential attackers. Obviously (hopefully) most of us aren’t buying our dogs with security in mind, however when questioning your own security, be it in the home or on the street, don’t ever underestimate your furry companion because the truth is he/she can provide you more instant security than an alarm system, police, pepper spray, tasers, or even a gun. 

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