Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best Parks in the City

I have been to several dog parks in the city; however the best one I have found is the Schuylkill River Park Dog Run, located by the intersection of 25th Street and Pine Street.    The park is not only for dogs, but also has a community garden and a place nearby for kids.  Each section is beautifully landscaped and has enough space for everyone to be happy.  The thing that makes me believe the Schuylkill River Park is the best is that there is a separate of leash section for little dogs, and then a larger section for dogs of any size.  In my experience, little dogs generally do not get along well with larger dogs because of not just size, but also the lack of proper socialization they get.  Many people do not correct bad behavior for little dogs because they are generally smaller and cuter.  Smaller dogs also are usually also not exposed to other dogs as much as they should be, because owners are afraid they may get “hurt” during playtime.  The separate park for the smaller dogs is great, especially for owners who want to socialize their small dogs, without the risk of getting hurt.   

The Schuylkill Park is also great because all the owners who bring their dogs there are very well aware of their dogs and their dogs’ actions.  In the many times I have been there, I have never witnessed any actual dogs fighting, or any other foul play.  Around the park there are also many plastic bag holders, so when your dog has an accident, there is never a reason to leave it, making the park much cleaner than most places in Philadelphia.  The final reason that the Schuylkill Park is my number one spot to take my dogs is because although there is plenty of grassy area for your dogs to run around in, the off leash section of the park is gravel.  I have run into parks covered in grass, which is usually all dead, or mulch, which holds the smell of urine and the other nasty things that dogs may leave behind, not to mention the muddiness when it rains.  The gravel does not absorb the smell as badly as the mulch, and always looks good, unlike the grass.  The gravel keeps the park looking great, no matter the weather. 

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